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Saturday 24 March 2018
Letters to the Editor

Top-notch care at east hospital

THE EDITOR: I recently had an operation done at a private hospital in St Augustine and I was impressed with the quality of customer service extended by all the medical personnel as well as the support staff.

Any operation or hospital stay will invoke some agitation or even fear in a patient and I was somewhere between those two emotions when I entered the facility. It was an early morning operation and I arrived at 5.45 am and was immediately seen to by the receptionist and administration personnel.

I was then whisked away to the ward and in a matter of minutes the nurses were fussing over me as they took my vitals. At least three doctors came to introduce themselves and take me through the process but it is my favourite doctor, Dr Khan, who settled my nerves.

By his calm and controlled demeanour, Khan proved that he is not just an extraordinary doctor, he is also an exceptional human being.

I write this letter to let people know that we are capable of excellent customer service in this country because that is what I received from this institution.

The nurses carried out their duties with dignity, professionalism and compassion and I left that hospital feeling overwhelmed with gratitude that we still have such caring people among us.

Thank you all my wonderful doctors, nurses, administration staff, security personnel and wheelchair attendants. I am forever grateful for your kindness.




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Letters to the Editor