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Saturday 23 June 2018
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iQor adds 600 jobs to TT

iQor adds 600 jobs to TT: (Third from left) Trade and Industry Minister, Paula Gopee-Scoon, flanked by John Swain, Director of Operations, iQor (1-800-Flowers), right and Mr. Brian Henderson, Director of Operations, iQor (Metro PCS), left along with Senior Executives, invest Limited. PHOTO COURTESY THE MINISTRY OF TRADE AND INDUSTRY.

Customers of 1-800-Flowers and Metro PCS may very well find themselves talking to customer support agents in Trinidad.

This follows the creation of 600 jobs in Trinidad by business processing outsourcing (BPO) firm, iQor, since it commenced operations here in 2016.

The Tamana InTech Park in Wallerfield is where iQor opened its first local facility, followed in June of this year by a second facility in Barataria.

The Trade and Industry Ministry noted this evening that iQor "has experienced exponential growth mandating the acquisition of a new facility with the promise of 200 more jobs in the upcoming months. The firm currently employs 600 persons at its two locations."

Trade and Industry Minister, Paula Gopee-Scoon, visited the Barataria facility last Friday, where she gave a commitment to support further the expansion of both iQor’s and the BPO sector’s expansion in Trinidad and Tobago (TT).

Gopee-Scoon said Government is encouraged by the levels of employment and capacity building opportunities available in the BPO sector.

The minister has mandated the ministry's staffs, through InvesTT, to address expeditiously elements needed to support the sector’s growth.

During her meeting with senior executives at iQor on September 15, Gopee-Scoon reaffirmed the ministry’s role as a key investment facilitator and enabler in the non-energy sector.

"We are very happy for your entry into TT and we are aware of the need to diversify. The paradigm shift is here, the Government has acknowledged that revenue gains will not be the same hence the focus on diversification. iQor’s operations present an immense opportunity."

Opportunities for training and skills development in teleservices; through accredited training programmes, were presented by iQor’s executives, who highlighted TT’s unique attractiveness for near shore investments due to its location and large pool of native English speakers.

According to the iQor representatives, the company’s expansion into TT is extremely important as it identifies cost-effective options for continued growth. They indicated that not only was this a business opportunity but also an avenue for persons interested in making a career in the industry.

"We are interested in people who are concerned with making a career and grooming the company’s next leaders," John Swain, iQor's Director of Operations said.


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