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Wednesday 25 April 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Don’t waste resources on ‘foreigners’

THE EDITOR: I am a Trini to the bone and, despite things being rough at times, I would not choose to live or work anywhere else. I have great sympathy for patriotic Trinis and little for those who gripe and complain about how “bad” TT is and feel that “foreign” is better.

So at the risk of being considered heartless, I am not amused that so much time, effort and resources are being expended to bring home the “foreign” nationals from hurricane-ravaged countries. I also speak for many who share this opinion but wish to remain silent.

Let me be clear. I have no problem with helping any citizen who is ordinarily resident in TT but who might have been away on vacation or on a short-term work assignment and just happened to get caught in the storm.

My problem is with those who choose to live/work abroad and, at the first sign of trouble, beg to be brought “home.”

Not all, but many of them (I know some) are quick to bad-talk TT, wondering at the “stupidity” of those who choose to love TT no matter what.

The Government and others would do well to use their energies and resources to help those who live here and who are really “ketching their tail” to eke out a living.

Heaven knows, there are many patriotic citizens who need help. Why waste resources on less patriotic ones?


Mt Hope


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