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Thursday 21 June 2018
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4 murders in a day – 353 for the year

Another four murders between Monday night and Tuesday afternoon have sent the 2017 murder toll up to 353 for the year.

MURDERED: Football referee Kyle Carabon, among four men murdered in four unrelated incidents between Monday night and Tuesday afternoon.

Four more murders between Monday night and Tuesday afternoon have sent the murder toll for this year to 353.

Among the victims are football referee Kyle Carabon, who was shot dead in Tableland. A man, said to be in his thirties and identified as Kwami Carr was also found on Monday night at Spring Valley Road, Mt Dor, riddled with bullets. Police are also seeking the public’s help in identifying the body of a man found on Wharton Street, Laventille, early Tuesday morning, while homicide detectives are trying to ascertain a motive behind the murder of Akim “Simple” Parkinson, who was killed in Cocorite.

Carabon’s relatives yesterday told Newsday he was also a clerk at the National Insurance Board, but his dream was to become an official for FIFA. In fact, sources at the TT Pro League, along with expressing sadness over his death, revealed that he was due to officiate at a match yesterday. As a result of his murder, the match which he was expected to officiate was postponed to a later date.

Sources at the referee’s association also expressed regret over his passing and extended condolences to family members. Officials at the association said that he had been progressing significantly through the ranks, since he joined the association four years ago, and was expected to reach the level of FIFA soon

“It’s very sad to hear what transpired with him but we had great plans for him.” said Wayne Caesar, head of the TTFA Refereeing Department, “The old people have a saying that the good die young. He was one of our better officials.”

Relatives at Forensics said he was never known to be in any kind of trouble.

“All he knows is work, home, football and cars,” said a relative yesterday while at Forensics. “I wish I could ask his killers why they did this to him. He did not deserve to die.”

Police reports say at around 7.15 pm on Monday, Tableland police responded to a report of gunshots being heard on Naparima Mayaro Road, near Tableland High School.

When police arrived on the scene, they found Carabon lying dead on the roadway, with gunshot wounds about his body. Relatives who went on the scene told reporters yesterday that it seems like he was chased from his Nissan B 12 car, which was parked a short distance away from where his body was found.

An autopsy report done at the Forensic Science Centre in St James confirmed that he died from multiple gunshot wounds.

Kwami Carr, who was said to be in his early 30's, was found dead under a tamarind tree less than an hour after Carabon was killed.

While reporters were unable to reach relatives, police sources indicated at about 8.10 pm on Monday, police officers responded to a report of gunshots being heard in the area. While police were investigating the report, they were led to Spring Valley Road, where Carr’s body was found. His body was discovered a short distance away from a blue Nissan car.

He had gunshot wounds to his head and feet.

Crime scene investigators collected twelve spent shells, which remained from assorted calibres of ammunition from the scene, which led investigators to believe that he was shot by multiple assailants.

Police have not been able to identify the body of a man who was found dead in Laventille at about 4 am on Monday.

According to reports officers of Besson Street Police Station received a report of gunshots being heard on Wharton Street, Laventille. When they arrived at the scene, they found the body of a man lying in the road in a pool of blood. He had gunshot wounds to his upper body and head. Several spent shells were collected from the scene by crime scene investigators, and the man’s body was taken to the Forensic Science Centre in St James for safekeeping, until he could be identified.

The last in the rash of murders ended yesterday afternoon when Akim “Simple” Parkinson was shot dead on Upper Waterhole Road, Cocorite.

According to sources, Parkinson was walking along a track near a parlour, when he was cornered by three men armed with guns. The men shot Parkinson multiple times before fleeing the scene. Police and emergency services were alerted and he was taken to the St James Medical Complex, but he died from his wounds shortly after he got to hospital.

Neighbours in the area told reporters yesterday that he lived up to his nickname, because he was not known to be involved in any criminal activity.

“Why do you think they call him “Simple”? It’s because he was never in nothing.” said one neighbour. Newsday was also told that he was a dancehall singer.

An autopsy is expected to be done on Parkinson’s body at Forensics today.



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