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Monday 23 October 2017

More police for Chaguanas

CONCERNED: Chaguanas Mayor Gopaul Boodhan addresses the crime meeting.

As the Christmas Season fast approaches, the busy Central borough of Chaguanas will see an increase in policing and the re-introduction of wrecking as well as greater communication with security and police.

Mayor of Chaguanas Gopaul Boodhan said he is working alongside the police and the Chaguanas Chamber of Commerce to make the borough a safer place for shopping, recreational and social activities.

Addressing a town meeting at the auditorium of the Chaguanas Borough building on Thursday evening, Mayor Boodan said a sudden spike in criminal activities prompted him to call an emergency meeting with police and other stakeholders. Present at the meeting were Central Division head Snr Supt Kenny Mc Intyre, Chamber executives, members of the the Inter-Religious Organisation and several NGOs.

“I am concerned and very determined to rectify this current situation regarding crime, as the safety of our burgesses has always been of paramount importance,” Mayor Boodhan said, adding he is committed to working with all stakeholders. Going with the theme, ‘Zero Tolerance to Crime’, Boodhan said, “Whatever we had before has not worked, something new needs to be done, we must have a better plan for Chaguanas.”

Mc Intyre told the gathering that the primary concern of the business community is robbery, illegal vending and traffic congestion. He called for better communication between businessmen and the police. Mayor Boodhan called for private security at various businesses to work together with the police.

Mc Intyre said there is a need to establish watch groups in the various communities and to install devices that can alert the neighbours in times of any robberies.

“We have to find better ways to communicate with each other so that the police can get information in a timely fashion,” he said.

He called on the Chaguanas Chamber of Commerce to increase the amount of cameras in their businesses so that they can monitor what is happening almost in real time.

Boodhan reminded that Carnival is on the heels of Christmas hence the reason they are putting things in place “so that we can enjoy a safe Christmas and also events leading up to Carnival 2018,” he said.


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