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Saturday 16 December 2017

Habitat for Humanity helps Barbuda

Habitat for Humanity UWI Campus Chapter, in conjunction with UWI’s Mathematics Society, Biology Society, Geography Club and Piarco UWI Rotaract, has launched Hurricane Irma Aid in response to the devastating effects of the hurricane on Barbuda.

Sarika Bhageratty, president of the chapter, said, “Hurricane Irma was such a big disaster on the affected Caribbean counterparts that we, the students of UWI decided to come forward to assist.” Launched on September 11, the aid drive is expected to last two weeks and is asking for non-perishable items such as clothing, food, personal hygiene products, school supplies and bedsheets.

“We are hoping to reach a large demographic, as this is a collaborative effort. I am both happy and humbled by how many clubs within UWI want to assist us.”


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