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Thursday 22 March 2018
Letters to the Editor

Media must continue to expose wrongdoing

THE EDITOR: The media are referred to as the fourth estate to keep a check and balance on the other three estates. In early times, they were the clergy, nobility and commoners. In contemporary time, the three estates refer to the Executive, Judiciary and the Legislature.

The fourth estate in TT does have its shortcomings. However, we must congratulate those who engage in investigative journalism and put their findings in the print media, on television and radio to the personal risks of journalists and financial risks of media houses.

The media’s role is not just to report what is given to them. Their role is to go beyond this. In the past 15-20 years or so, we have seen an increase in investigative journalism and this must be encouraged.

Quite often, many wrongdoings take place behind closed doors and the media have a very important role to uncover these illegal transactions and bring them to the public’s attention. Here I refer to matters that affect the public, taxpayers, customers etc.

The media must continue to be brave and steadfast in their mission to bring the truth to the people. The media must be free to fulfil their mandate and be prepared to defend their rights to the very end. Further, the media must not be bullied into revealing their legitimate sources of information and prevented from publishing valid information that comes to their attention.


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