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Monday 11 December 2017
Letters to the Editor

Why Flow blank of WC qualifier?

THE EDITOR: The non-broadcast of the TT vs Honduras World Cup qualifier is another case of “robbery” without violence.

This game was broadcast live in other Flow territories. Why? I am a sucker for good excuses. All of us cannot fit in the stadium at the same time.

Football has support in Toco, Mayaro and Icacos. The trip might not always be possible. And we wonder why our football is at its present state. Someone must be responsible. Who? The Prime Minister, the Minister of Sport, the Minister of Finance, or DJ Williams?

I have cancelled my tickets to Russia. The writing is on the wall. It gets worse, we lost the away game to Panama. I have no appetite now. What am I going to do with all this geera pork and dhalpuri?

I can go out in the streets and get robbed or stay home and let Flow “rob” me.


Princes Town


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