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Thursday 21 June 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Maracas Beach still same way

THE EDITOR: It has been about two months since an allocation of $60 million was announced for the development of Maracas Beach. However, there has been no change.

Visitors to Maracas, including tourists, are finding an environment that leaves a lot to be desired. Those incomplete structures are still there, with stagnant water that at times gives off a foul smell accumulating in them. The car park is in need of repaving and the environs generally can do with an upliftment to add beauty to the place.

If we are serious about attracting visitors to our country, Maracas Beach just simply cannot continue looking rundown and unattractive. People actually come to Trinidad to visit this beach to relax and of course for the bake and shark. It leaves me to wonder if we are really serious about tourism. If we are, let it be reflected at Maracas.

If the $60 million allocated is there, let us make use of it. We can also get the business sector involved. Either way we must do something about Maracas.



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