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Sunday 18 February 2018
Letters to the Editor

Best wishes for new school term

Best wishe

THE EDITOR: I wish all students the very best for the September to December school term. Whatever your age, be you five or 55.

Many are not afforded the opportunity that you take for granted.

When I first started rig work my boss said, “You did not want to study, take hard work now.” I clearly remember turning a valve wheel 150 times. All that is water under the platform now.

So students, learn not the hard way by not studying in school. The secret is very simple: hard work solves all problems.

It was said the future of the country was in our school bags. Some had neither bags nor shoes.

New students, you are in control. You write the successful story. Do not look back.

Education is the foundation. There is no place in this world for an uneducated boy or girl. Education is a surety for future security.

A country’s development is measured by how educated its population is. Keep the faith.


Princes Town


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