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Wednesday 13 December 2017
Carnival & Culture

2 Big bands launching next Saturday

Two popular large mas bands will be launching their presentations on September 16 in Port of Spain.

At 6 pm, Trini Revellers will unveil some 12 sections of its Carnival 2018 presentation: Harold Sally Saldenah - The Legend at St Mary’s College, Pembroke Street, Port of Spain.

The band in effect will be paying tribute to Saldenah, by taking some of the late masman’s presentations that created great effect in years gone by. Among them, We Mas have class (1985), Mexico 1519 - 1521 (1964), Psychedelic Latin America (1969), Atlantis: Land of seven cities (1970), Fantasy in Jewels (1972), Sun Kingdom of the Amazons (1974), Pacific Paradise (1965), Epic of the Zulus (1967), Fashionable Sailors from Paris (1973), Norse Gods and Vikings (1956), El Dorado, City of Gold (1968) and Imperial Rome 44BC to 96AD (1955). Later that night at 10.30 pm, Legacy will also present its Carnival 2018 presentation: We Jammin’ Still at VAS Lounge, on Rust Street, St. Clair.

Legacy’s presentation will celebrate the indomitable spirit and joie de vivre of the people of TT.

Bandleader Mike Antoine said: “This is a gift, to be able to rise in the face of challenges and to find humour and joy in our everyday and sometimes humdrum lives.”

On Saturday, Legacy’s line-up of costumes will be unveiled with a live display of sections with themes such as Spirit, Joy, Freedom, Festival and Soca Party. There will also entertainment with music by popular radio DJs giving patrons a glimpse of what to expect from Legacy on the road.


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