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Monday 23 October 2017

Hurricane Jose in the area

After the devastation left behind in Houston, Texas by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma barrelling through the Leeward Islands, Tropical Storm Jose was named a hurricane as of 5 pm yesterday. At the time he was at 13.9 latitude and 45.8 west longitude. He was about 1675 kilometres east of the Caribbean islands. At this time he was not posing a threat to Trinidad and Tobago.

Another system was forming, but this time from the Gulf of Mexico, a system named Hurricane Katia. She formed as a hurricane at 4 pm yesterday.

However, since she formed in the Gulf of Mexico, with 75 miles per hour sustained winds, she was not an area of concern at this time. Meanwhile, Irma remained a Category Five and was leaving the Leewards and heading to the Greater Antilles and the track we have now is to go into the Florida area, where she seems determined to go,” said meteorologist Gary Benjamin.


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