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Thursday 21 June 2018
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Letters to the Editor

CSEC, CAPE concerns and suggestions

THE EDITOR: As the first educators of the students who completed the CSEC and CAPE, many parents have voiced a few concerns about the recent developments that have occurred with respect to these exams, and would like some answers as well as hopefully some suggestions and solutions to resolve these issues. Firstly, the proposed dates for the exam results, August 12 and 15, and the actual release dates, on August 18 and 19. As an examining body, one should lead by example, heaven forbid if schools were to submit SBAs or IAs one week late without explanation, that certainly would not be acceptable.

Secondly, the initial results that were released online, which some parents were awaiting to send abroad, have in some cases at the CAPE level been upgraded. Although many children and parents are thrilled, there are some students already at universities who could have received greater bursaries with these new results and have unfortunately had to settle for less.

Now many have speculated about the causes of these happenings - which we, as Trinidadians are quite good at doing, if there are no explanations given. So, firstly, I believe we are entitled atleast to an honest response as to why these incidents have occurred, as these results can determine the future study and career path of many of our young people, and we parents are very anxious and unsettled about the whole situation. We the parents really hope that the process for the correction of these examinations will improve in the years to come, it is hoped that steps will be taken to identify the problems in the procedure.

Tonia Leacock

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