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Thursday 14 December 2017

Cedros, Icacos coastlines eroding rapidly

Councillor for Cedros, Shankar Teeluckingh is calling on the Minister of Works Rohan Sinanan, to look into the matter of what he described as the rapid erosion along the Cedros, Icacos and Granville coastline.

Teelucksigh also said in the industrial areas of Cap de Ville and Point Fortin, there is also need to protect the coastline because drilling and dredging in those areas are causing coastal erosion. He noted that landowners have suffered great losses as acres of valuable property in the Iacaos and Cedros areas have eroded in the past seven years.

Teelucksingh said, “With the recent tropical storm Bret, there was a lot of erosion taking place along the coastline. Both the Siparia Regional Corporation(SRC) and the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation (PDRC) have been complaining to the Coastal Protection Unit in the Ministry of Works. It is now a matter of urgency that the Government look into the protection of the coastal line from Granville to Icacos and to Cedros.”

The councillor said the fact that the lighthouse in Cedros is now surrounded by water, is evident that the land is eroding at a fast pace. The councillor noted the PDRC and SRC have been involved in public consultations regarding this matter, but the Minister of Works needs to address the situation. He went on to say that during the People’s Partnership administration, work was done to along the coastline from Mosquito Creek to Otaheite but the worked has sinced stopped and today a lot of the coastline is now eroding.

Teelucksingh said that after several complaints to the Ministry of Works, the PDRC was told there was need to invest $300,000 to save the coastline and the Government would provide the technical advice. “The PDRC’s infrastuctural road- works and drainage will cost millions,” he said.

Former alderman of the PDRC, Gowtam Manaraj, said there has been rapid erosion at the scenic Quinam beachfront. “Maybe the PDRC and SRC can join and truck in some large boulders or any old huge concrete barriers to save this area in the interim,” he said. Maharaj believes the waterfront could be saved by building a concrete wall as well.


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