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Monday 18 June 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Some ideas for Govt

THE EDITOR: I would like to make some suggestions to the Government. Let some citizens play the Mega Millions Lotto in the US.

This can help us in balancing our Budget for this fiscal year and next (jackpot US$350 million).

The law is still there with respect to appointing a Commissioner of Police (foreign).

Why doesn’t the Police Service Commission, along with the Chief Personnel Officer, invite Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte to be our next commissioner.

Let the man clean up all the gang members and drug lords. Just look at the Philippines.

Our current President’s term is due to expire next March.

Our parliamentarians should look to amending the Constitution to have a foreigner appointed as President and should all agree that the first appointee be no other than Kim Jong-un of North Korea.




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Letters to the Editor

Searchfor arms

THE EDITOR: I am glad that the Government has decided to call in the FBI…