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Thursday 14 December 2017

‘No more illegal vending on Charlotte Street’

The regularisation process of vending on Charlotte Street in Port-of-Spain has started says Mayor of Port-of-Spain, Joel Martinez.

“There are vendors who have been registered already, those are the vendors who will be allowed to remain on Charlotte Street. All other vendors, we are asking you to remove yourself in an orderly fashion.” He added, “We are going to ask our police service to assist us in ensuring that the areas are properly regulated. Charlotte Street is the first street we have started the regularisation process, however we are moving to the other streets thereafter. Once the process is completed on Charlotte Street we want to ensure that vending is properly regulated throughout the city.”

Martinez said although vending occurs in all cities around the world, there are rules and process vendors have to follow to ensure the city remains a successful city.

“How it is done? It is regulated. Vendors are allowed to vend in certain parts and ply their trade in a very decent manner. They are young entrepreneurs, but at the same time they must be regulated.

He said discussion are being held with the TTPS to further collaborate on new and innovative ways to enhance the safety and security of the Burgesses and citizens of the city of Port-of-Spain.


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