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Monday 11 December 2017

‘Mayor's Fund’ to be established

The Port-of-Spain City Corporation moved a motion yesterday to establish a fund known as the “Mayor’s Fund,” under section 1:10 of the Municipal Corporation’s Act.

This motion was passed during the city corporation’s statutory meeting today at the City Hall, Knox Street, Port-of-Spain.

According to Akil Durham, Councillor for the Belmont North and West said the funds will be finance by donations and contributions from the public and private sectors.

He said the money will be authorised by the Council to be allocated to the fund.

In moving the motion, Durham explained some of the ways the funds will be used.

“The money under the fund will be utilised for charitable causes within the city, emergency relief due to a natural disaster, accidents and mishaps within the city, scholarships to needy students and members of the community within the city of Port-of-Spain.” He continued, “Promotion and hosting of national culture, artistic, religious celebrations and anniversaries as well as city receptions.”

He said the decision of the motion will be sent to the Minister of Local Government for approval.


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