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Saturday 24 February 2018

Hosein: teach children sacrifice and hard work

Minister of Rural Development and Local Government Kazim Hosein is urging Muslims to instill the ideals of sacrifice, hard work and devotion in their young children.

“We must instill in our children that importance of obedience and giving of themselves, just as Ismail did, upon realizing the task that had been asked of his father. For it is only in this way that we can come together as one,” Hosein said in a message to mark Eid Ul-Adha, observed annually on September 1.

“We must promote the values of having a strong character in our younger generations and to all our fellowmen. Live above reproach and this way, we can progress together as a nation.”

Hosein said Eid Ul-Adha reminded Muslims of the importance of obedience to the Almighty and one’s parents.

“This is a message that we can all draw from – that we have a duty to our younger generations to inculcate the ideals of sacrifice, hard work and devotion.”

Hosein said Eid Ul-Adha commemorates Abraham’s unyielding commitment to his faith, such that he proved his willingness to sacrifice his son Ismail.

“Almighty Allah recognised his devotion and intervened, letting a lamb take Ismail’s place.

It is the holiest Islamic observance,” he said. “Every year on Eid Ul-Adha, the Islamic community worldwide comes together to mark the end of the holy pilgrimage, Hajj, and to give honour to the spirit of sacrifice which marks this celebration.

“For Hajj, we leave behind our worldly possessions to make our pilgrimage to Mecca. We stand together, men and women, as equals before God. And in so doing, we recognise and honour the great sacrifice that our forefather, Prophet Abraham (Peace Be Unto Him), was willing to make; and are able to reflect on the many ways we as individuals and collectively, can make sacrifices in our daily lives to demonstrate our devotion and do good for humanity.”

Hosein said during this holy observance, Muslims are called upon to make sacrifices to the Almighty by dividing meat into three portions: one for ourselves, another portion for family, and a third portion for those in need.

He said this sharing represents the key lessons of Eid Ul-Adha – sacrifice, equality and charity.


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