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Monday 18 June 2018
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CAL flight attendant fined $55K for illegal $US

Caribbean Airlines flight attendant Venosh Maraj was yesterday fined a total of $55,000 by an Arima magistrate on charges relating to the illegal importation of US$39,000.

Maraj pleaded guilty in the Arima First Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Gloria Jasmath.

Following a plea in mitigation, which included four testimonials, one of which was from a Roman Catholic nun, Jasmath ordered the fines and Maraj was given one month in which to pay them or face a jail term.

Maraj, 32, of St Augustine, was charged with three offences: the import of prohibited goods — a quantity of cash at US$39,054; importing said cash in a manner to deceive Customs and Excise officials; and failing to declare the said cash.

He was fined $15,000 or 18 months in default of paying on the first charge, $25,000 or three years in default on the second and $15,000 or 18 months in default on the third charge.

Maraj was represented by attorneys Reynold Waldropt and Jeron Joseph. He was arrested on August 13 at the Piarco International Airport.

He was on a Caribbean Airlines flight which had left New York, USA, flown to Georgetown, Guyana, and then to Trinidad.


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