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Monday 18 June 2018
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Letters to the Editor

It was not exactly Watergate

THE EDITOR: It is not so simple for a government to be brought down by its detractors. The meeting at the Magdalena Hotel in Tobago was the culmination of a hysterical exercise to allegedly shame and blame the Government for mismanagement of the sea bridge.

The Super Fast Galicia has left in its wake more questions than answers. Deliberately sailing off into the sunset because the arm of the Government could not twisted has led to what was expected — suffering of the business community in both Tobago and Trinidad.

This was no Watergate exercise. Yes, it is important to discover the who, the what and the why of the sea bridge debacle but instead we had a show where an unvarnished attempt was made to score political points.

I was very disappointed in the confrontational way, the lack of finesse displayed, when questions were posed. Was the Prime Minister expected to cry into his handkerchief? Was he supposed to beg forgiveness? Again? It would appear that in the haste to contract a replacement for the Galicia, several things occurred which should have not.

The main area of concern for us in TT should be the murder rate that is being speeded by domestic violence, sibling rivalry, gang warfare and the consumption of too much alcohol.

Tourism cannot go ahead without addressing the crime rate well before we worry about the boats. We first need to attract people to even want to get onto the boats.


Diego Martin


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