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Saturday 20 January 2018
Letters to the Editor

Cruel to deny funds

THE EDITOR: It is fortunate that the Chin family of MovieTowne fame came to the rescue of little Haleema Mohammed but outrageously unfortunate that the Government refused to help this child all because reports say her illness is “not life-threatening.”

So, is the administrators of the Life Fund telling us that one has to be near death or that young children have to experience extreme trauma and pain before they can access money from the fund? I am sure this innocent child would have been experiencing certain discomfort, uneasiness, irregular body functions and certainly pain due to her illness. So, the Life Fund keepers are waiting for the child to deteriorate before they intervene?

As far as I remember, that fund was set up by the People’s Partnership government MPs with money from their salaries as an act of kindness and charity to assist families with sick children but who cannot access funds to pay for medical treatment and/or surgeries. So, how dare these “so-called inheritors” of this fund of which they made no contribution now make such a harsh decision?

This decision was also cruel and the administration of this fund should be given back to those who conceived the idea since they are the ones who truly understand the aims and objectives of this noble initiative.

And by the way, many thanks to the Chin family for their generosity and kindness. They have proven themselves to be true Samaritans.




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