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Friday 15 December 2017

Man claims neighbour damaged his dog

Dazzle Carrington (Nylo Intern)

For animal lover, Albert Monroe Gopaul, his three dogs are like family. He loves them the way he would his own children, so imagine his pain when one of his dogs was attacked by a neighbor. The Sant Cruz resident said that yesterday morning, around 8:45, he was on his way from collecting his granddaughter from his daughter's home when he saw his dog, Nibbles fighting with another dog from the area. He claims that another man, known to him, who was in the vicinity of the fight picked up stones and launched them at his dog resulting in an injury to the dog's face.

Mr. Gopaul said that called the police to give a report but was told that he needed to come in person make the official report. He claims that when he told the officer that he has an injury to his feet which makes it difficult for him to walk the officer said that there was nothing he could do. He believes that the officer should have come to him to take the report.

Mr. Gopaul now fears for not the life of his animal but also his own life because he believes that the individual is very dangerous and reckless. He wants Nibbles, his companion through life to have justice and not have his claim pushed under the rug or simply forgotten.


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