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Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Freak storm damages homes in South Tdad

Alana Mayers and her 3-month-old baby girl Annesha Francis talking with Siparia Regional Corporation Chairman Dr GLEN Ramadharsingh at her home in Aripero Village, Rousillac, in the aftermath of a freak storm which tore off her roof yesterday.


A “tornado” ripped through Rousillac, Dow Village in Orpouche and environs yesterday afternoon causing thousands of dollars in damage to at least 12 houses.

Up to last evening, the residents were still without an electricity supply and employees of T&TEC were busy trying to restore it.

Residents said that shortly after midday, they observed a “tornado” which ripped off the rooftops of several houses. Debris were swirling all around for only a few minutes. When it ended, galvanised roofing sheets were hanging off electrical lines and the supply went in the Aripero, Rousillac area.

Mother of a three-month-old baby girl Alana Mayers, 31, recalled that she heard a whistling sound and then observed her roof “peeling off.”

“The sun was very hot and I was by my cousin’s house located in the same yard. I saw the roof peeling off due to the strong breeze. After it happened the rain drizzled a little bit. The entire roof came off,” Mayers said. She lives on Southern Main Road, Aripero Village, Rousillac.

Following the freak storm, chairman of the Siparia Regional Corporation Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh, together with other officials, met with affected residents to bring relief. “They promised to bring mattresses and see what they can do. They said they had to make some calls. T&TEC people were on the scene just after it happened,” Mayers said. Another resident, Elvis Harricharan, recalled that the strong winds ripped off part of his roof at his home resulting in an estimated $25,000 in damage. “Leaves and branches were in the air. I saw my roof blown off from where I was at the back of the house. All of the galvanise that blew off landed on the electrical lines which began to spark and then electricity went,” Harricharan said. Harricharan, a hair stylist, said the ordeal happened quickly .

“In a minute or two it did all this destruction in the bedroom and toilet area. To experience something like this was really unbelievable,” Harricharan said. “Right now, we are securing the area with tarpaulins that the corporation gave us.”

He added, “We are also doing some work to repair the damage on the rooftop.” Ramadharsingh promised that the corporation would obtain items on credit for the affected residents. The chairman added that SRC distributed mattresses and tarpaulin to the affected residents to “ensure they can rest tonight in a safe and dry home.” There were no reports of any injury, up to last evening.


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