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Wednesday 20 June 2018
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Letters to the Editor

Time to get creative Mr PM

Relatives enquire on the fate of a victim at the Freetown Morgue, Sierra Leone, yesterday. Sierra Leone began a weeklong period of national mourning yesterday as it emerged that 105 children were killed by the mudslides and torrential flooding that has left 600 people still missing in Freetown, in one of the worst natural disasters to hit the country.

THE EDITOR: The present economic situation in TT is bad and this administration does not seem to be able to handle or cope with improving, as ideas are just not there and/or politics is interfering while the country and by extension the citizens are suffering. We all know of the oil and gas prices.

The Government must be fair and understand that all the politics is doing is making matter worse with only excuses upon excuses and no action, just talk.

As simple as it is to improve the tax collection by ways of endorsements, they can start with a visit to our several malls where most of the places, especially the food courts, charge VAT on their sales but are hesitant to give the customers bills, if any at all, saying “we are not VAT registered.” People mostly buy food in these malls, so hence a good tax collection point.

Start construction projects, agricultural projects, etc, which would be labour intensive and reduce ForEx in many ways, plus help in reducing crime. Employers are reducing their staff monthly now that also reduces payments of taxes, NIS, etc, so Government revenue is again affected. I can go on and on and all is needed is common sense by the Government to get organised and put action in place as quickly as possible, but when we have square pegs in very small round holes, and arrogance added with it, our country is at a loss.

Mr PM and your team must open your eyes, or if you cannot see what is happening and do not know what to do, accept your short-comings as men/women and at least be fair to TT and call the general election now.


Diego Martin


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