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Friday 15 December 2017
Crime and Court

Investigations into car-jacking murder continue

Christopher Tynsdale, 36, who was allegedly killed by car-jackers after his Nissan Tiida was stolen.

Police yesterday assured that they are well on their way to solving the murder of Christopher Tynsdale, the 36-year-old El Dorado man who was shot and killed in Tunapuna on Friday last.

Sources told Newsday yesterday, that Reigon 2 Homicide detectives have began gathering evidence in the matter, and is making headway into the investigation. CCTV footage from a nearby house has been taken and is being processed by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s Cyber Crime unit.

Meanwhile, relatives and loved ones are gathering to say their final farewells to Tynsdale. Newsday was told that family members were flying into the country from abroad to attend a funeral service which is expected to be held two Saturdays from now, on August 26.

“We are trying to keep it together,” said one relative in a phone conversation with Newsday, “as soon as all our family members are here we will lay him to rest,”

Tynsdale was shot dead on Friday last by gunmen who dumped his body on Cornelius Drive, Tunapuna and stole his white Nissan Tiida.

The vehicle was later found by police after it was stripped of parts and burned.

Inspector Craig of Reigon 2 Homicide is continuing investigations.


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