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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Man charged for Akeno’s murder

A 20-year-old man has been charged with murder after he was captured in a video stomping on a man in a drain on Pentecostal Road in El Dorado.

The man who is from Beetham Gardens was also charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition.

On July 27, the suspect and another man chased after Akeno Thomas, 36, of Lackpat Road, El Dorado.

The chase ended at Pentecostal Road when Thomas was shot in the leg by one of the men, causing him to fall into a drain.

One of the assailants then jumped into the drain, and began kicking and stomping on Thomas who suffered injuries to his head and torso. Thomas was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope, where he died the next day.

The suspect was charged by detective Cpl Shawn Jones of the Homicide Investigations Bureau (Region II) yesterday.


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