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Thursday 26 April 2018
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La Horquetta woman, Longdenville teen arrested


MEMBERS of the Northern Division, on Monday, arrested a 41-year old woman of Phase 7, La Horquetta.

The police, in a statement issued yesterday, said the woman’s house was searched and a Kimber pistol, a magazine containing two rounds of .45 mm ammunition and 50.2 grammes of marijuana were found. She was taken into custody. Police then went to a bushy area near Mission Road, Five Rivers where, at about 8:55 pm, they discovered one shotgun and one 12-gauge cartridge. No one was arrested in connection with this find.

In a separate incident, members of the Central Division Operations Unit arrested a Longdenville teenager sometime between 10 pm Monday and 2 am yesterday. Police said they saw a 16-year old boy from Nylon Trace, Longdenville, walking in a bushy area along Christian Street. Upon seeing them, he ran off but was held a short distance away.

He was searched and the police found a Smith and Wesson M&P pistol with a magazine containing eight rounds of 9mm ammunition. The teenager was arrested.


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