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Tuesday 24 October 2017


The funeral for Akeem Reid, who was killed in St John Road on Tuesday, has been set for Monday, at Armstrong's Funeral Chapel, on King Street, Arima.

The service is said to be held at the chapel, and he is expected to be buried at the Arouca Roman Catholic Church, but before he is buried, family members will take him to his home at Henry Street, Hindustan Road, Arouca, one last time. While there, his body is expected to be viewed by relatives and friends.

His mother, Karen Henry, told Newsday that family members abroad requested that his funeral be pushed back to Monday, so that they could have time to come into the country, and pay their final respects. She said that family members are still reeling from his death, but are waiting to say their final goodbyes to the slain man.

Newsday made attempts to reach out to the woman for whom Reid was killed, however she said she could not talk because she was busy.

Police still have not charged the man who was detained for questioning in relation with Reid's murder. He is said to still be in police custody.

On Tuesday, at about 8 am, Reid was struck with his own vehicle while in a fracas with his girlfriend's former lover.


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