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Sunday 22 October 2017
Headline News

Headless, handless body identified


THE headless, handless body found in bushes in Lopinot last Saturday was identified at the Forensic Science Centre in St James yesterday as Christopher Khan, 24.

Relatives went to the Centre and positively identified the body after lodging a missing person report to police.

Relatives declined to be interviewed yesterday after viewing the body telling reporters they wanted to be left alone as the trauma of seeing Khan’s body minus his head and hands, was too much.

Last Saturday at 10 am, a passer-by saw a trail of blood on the road in Lopinot and followed the trail to nearby bushes where Khan’s body was found clad only in a pair of boxers.

The man’s head and hands have not be found and police believe Khan was decapitated and his hands chopped off in order to conceal his identity.

Homicide officers have revisited the scene were the body was found with cadaver dogs in an effort to locate the missing body parts.



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