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Monday 18 June 2018
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The Ministry of Education yesterday refuted claims of a ‘rampant drug trade’ in the nation’s Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) centres and primary schools.

In a press release, the ministry strongly cautions individuals and organisations against making unsubstantiated claims about the nation’s schools, as these statements can be deemed libellous, and would be dealt with accordingly.

The ministry said the unsubstantiated statement made by the CEO of Mothers Against Drug Abuse, Eshean Arjoon, can cause unwarranted concern throughout the country

“The ministry treats with all reports of drugs in schools through the Principals, Student Support Services Division, School Supervision Division and Trinidad and Tobago Police Service. The Ministry of Education underscores that no report or information has been received from the Mothers Against Drug Abuse organisation.”

Coming out of the statement made by Arjoon, the ministry said, they also wish to alert the public that no organisation or individual is permitted to enter a school compound and engage with students without the approval of the Chief Education Officer.

The ministry said any organisation that is given permission, and also wishes to interview students must get permission from the child’s parents.

“Such reports would be received at the office of the Chief Education Officer which has oversight of the ministry’s ECCE, Student Support Services and School Supervision Divisions which have all explicitly stated that no such correspondence has been received.”


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